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Remembering great sons of Ananda - By A A De Silva - Daily News (2017/05/06)

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Ananda Bodime Rasakatha series written by Devsiri P Hewavidana ( Published in Rivira Sunday e-paper) - 2013

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A new Paradigm for Buddhist Education - by Mr. Deepal Sooriyaarachchi, FCIM (UK) MBA (Sri J.), Olcott Memorial Oration 2012 at Ananda College Kularatne Hall - (2012/11/10)

Revering Ananda... Matha; Celebrating the sacred space of wisdom and humanism: - By Sudharshan Seneviratne - Sunday Island (2011/11/20)

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A gentleman coach departs - Mr P.W.Perera - Daily News (2006/02/15)

New Frontiers of Engineering - by Dr. Nimal Rajapakse, P.Eng, FCAE, Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Olcott Memorial Oration 2005 at BMICH - (2005/12/08)

MR. P.W. Perera – Architect of Cricket at Ananda - by Sanjiva Senanayake, (2005/07/26), Sunday Observer (2006/02/19)

Coach Polonowita bids adieu to Ananda- by SA'ADI Thawfeeq, Daily News ( 2005/03/05)

He strove for truth through brotherhood of religions - by Tudor G. Jayewardene, The writer is National President/General Secretary of The Sri Lanka section of the International Theosophical Society -Sunday Times ( 2002/11/24)

A vision for Sri Lanka 2020 - An Anandian Perspective (Colonel Henry Steele Olcott Memorial Oration 2002) by Chandra Jayaratne, Founders day Oration of Ananda College Colombo, BMICH - (2002/11/22)

26th Death Anniversary today : P. De S. Kularatne - A revivalist of Buddhist Education - by Deen, (16/11/2002) Daily News (2002/11/16)

Ananda College - A Guiding Light to the nation- by Chandra Edirisuriya, 116th Anniversary of Ananda College Colombo (01/11/2002) - Daily News- (2002/11/01)

Ananda old boys: Sets of brothers - by B. Donald Perera ( Sri Lanka Genealogy Website & Sunday Observer (2002/01/20)

Management of knowledge information in a multi-cultural society : Redefining education for the next generation (Colonel Henry Steele Olcott Memorial Oration 2001) -by Sudharshan Seneviratne, Department of Archaeology, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (2001/11/16)